Ichinoseki Hot Spring Area

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Sukawa Hot Spring Sukawa Kogen Hot Spring

This hot spring is located at an altitude of 1,126m on the north base of Mt. Kurikoma and with the spring welling up at 6,000 litres/min there is an abundant amount of water. It has been loved as a famous spring of northern Tohoku since the Edo period. Due to the spring being a rare strongly acidic, alum-melanterite spring, lots of guests have been coming here for therapeutic bathing from long ago. The open air bath in the middle of the magnificent nature here and the famous Oiran-buro (steam bath) are recommended. Please use the self-catering wing when here for therapeutic bathing.

〒021-0101 Kokuyurin, Matsurubesan, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
Closed during the winter period (November to early May)
About 42km from Ichinoseki IC (about 57mins by car)
About 46km from Ichinoseki Station (about 68mins by car)

Link to the official website for Sukawa Kogen Hot Spring here

Matsurube Hot Spring Kamikura Bettei  Yuzan no Sho

This hot spring is located at the base of Mt. Matsurube where legend has it that the gods descended here. There is just one inn here in the middle of the surrounding nature made using lots of large trees and you can experience a true sense of calm during your time here. The Matsuri no Yu Spring is said to have healed cuts, eased pain and worked miracles. The quaint, old-fashioned fireplace, stylish bar and restaurant where you can savour the foods of the mountains are also popular here.

〒021-0101 32 Matsurube, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
TEL.0191-39-2877 FAX.0191-39-2364
About 25km from Ichinoseki IC (about 31mins by car)
About 29km from Ichinoseki Station (about 41mins by car)

Link to the official website for Kamikura here

Sanohsan Hot Spring Zuisenkakyo

This hot spring is located around 2km downstream from Yabitsu Dam and there’s the wonderful sight of Mt. Sanno where it’s said that Jikaku Daishi resided long ago. There’s a large hot spring bath, Zuisen no Yu, and the an open air bath with a rock arrangement that blends in with the nature of Mt. Mizu and you can experience the changing appearance of the four seasons from it. The Japanese-style guest rooms are filled with the aroma of wood and the scenery of the fresh greenery of spring and the autumn leaves is wonderful.

〒021-0101 65-2 Sagarimatsu, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
TEL.0191-39-2031 FAX.0191-39-2106
About 17km from Ichinoseki IC (about 20mins by car)
About 21km from Ichinoseki Station (about 30mins by car)

Link to the official website for Zuisenkyo here

Genbikei Hot Spring Itsukushien

Genbikei Gorge is the main tourist spot of Ichinoseki. It’s also known as Itsukushi Waterfall and long ago it was on the road that joined Hiraizumi and Kyoto. The secluded inn here surrounded by a lawn and a bamboo thicket is mingeifu (folk art-style) architecture with beautiful Japanese traditions at the heart of this style. The inn has a calm atmosphere perfect for relaxing and unwinding. You can watch out over the pristine, babbling flow of the Iwai River from the spacious bathtub of the large public bath and the open air bath made from Japanese cypress.

〒021-0101 15 Minami Takinoue, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
TEL.0191-29-2101 FAX.0191-29-2125
About 10km from Ichinoseki Station (about 21mins by car)
About 6km from Ichinoseki IC (about 11mins by car)

Link to the official website for Itsukushien here

Genbikei Hot Spring Keisenkaku

Genbikei is an extremely beautiful gorge that has been molded by the cool and clear flow of the river over a great many years. For those who want to enjoy their time at the old town of Hiraizumi and Genbikei to the full, come and relax in the Keisen no Yu bath. The garden in the middle of the pine forests on the side of the gorge which reflects the scenes of the seasons is a calm and relaxing place and you can look out over the beautiful seasonal scenes of the gorge from any of the rooms in the inn. This is an elegant hot spring inn, refreshing like the breezes over the gorge.

Currently closed
〒021-0101 3-1 Minami Takinoue, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
TEL.0191-29-2311 FAX.0191-29-2314
About 5km from Ichinoseki IC (about 9mins by car)
About 9km from Ichinoseki Station (about 19mins by car)

Link for the official website for Keisenkaku here

Horyu Hot Spring Kanpo no Yado Ichinoseki

If you head west from Ichinoseki IC towards Mt. Kurikoma, Kanpo no Yado Ichinoseki stands on Horyu no Chi, a highland area alongside National Highway 342, where long ago a dragon ascended to the heavens causing much needed rain to fall. The view from here is fantastic. This hot spring is nice and spacious and a great place to enjoy unwinding from the tiredness of your travels after walking around the relics of the Oshu Fujiwara Clan around Hiraizumi or walking through Genbikei Gorge.

〒021-0101 147-5 Horyu, Genbi, Ichinoseki, Iwate
TEL.0191-29-2131 FAX.0191-29-2132
About 4km from Ichinoseki IC (about 7mins by car)
About 8km from Ichinoseki Station (about 17mins by car)

Link to the official website for Kanpo no Yado Ichinoseki here